It’s interesting isn’t it? How much pressure there is to have a relationship, get married and have children. Yet, the most influential Gospel artiste of the past 50 years, Andrae Crouch, who went to be with the Lord last week, never married and had no children. Not that marriage ain’t a good thing – it sure is – but it ain’t for everybody and you’re no less of a man or woman if you remain unmarried or have no biological children. Indeed, Andrae has many spiritual children. He also had a depth of fellowship with twin sister Sandra, that some married couples don’t even have, and he found a family in the church he and she pastored together. All of this, plus the songs he wrote, caused him to find fulfilment in Christ, without need for romantic love. The scriptures say “we are complete in Him” Colossians 2:10. I wish many who are hailing Andrae’s memory would take note of this aspect of his life too.

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